Sunday, December 19, 2010

reminder during the holidays...

Will Work For Food
         ~J.J. McKenna

"Will work for food," says the sign,
and the man holding its crude letters aloft,
bearded, shabbily dressed, a crest
of belly breaking over the top of jeans,
seems properly pathetic enough.

Yet, you reach to adjust the stereo, 
roll the windows up, and lock the doors
all done by machines, all automatic enough.
"It's only a scam," you mutter to yourself.
And so it might be. It's hard to tell
from the shell of your middle class wealth.

J.J. McKenna has two poems--"Reflections on a Campfire" and "In This Air the Eye Travels"--in our recently released Moments of the Soul.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

our book is now available

All of us at Spirit First are excited to announce the release of our first book, Moments of the Soul, a collection of poems on the themes of meditation, mindfulness, silence, stillness, and solitude. This book of 84 poems brings us moments of meditation written by 61 poets from across the United States and from several foreign nations, from writers between the ages of 18 and 85, from authors from many faiths and practices. We are proud, and grateful, to offer these moments of the soul from so many beautiful writers.

Proceeds from sales of this book go to Spirit First and the creation of a meditation retreat center with quiet walking trails, fragrant gardens, and many places to pause.

You can purchase a copy of Moments of the Soul from our website here.