Thursday, June 30, 2016

2016 Special Category Award--Haiku

Our Poetry Contest 2016 has added a Special Category Award—Haiku, and the winning entry is Awareness ~ Zen Haiku by E.B. Littlehill. 

E.B. Littlehill is a former journalist and marketing communications writer. After being downsized from her corporate communications job during the Great Recession (she is still trying to figure out what was so great about it), she started a new career as a freelance event photographer. In 2014, she began a Tumblr blog of poetry and photographs called Smoke Signals from the Hill. She recently reached 800 followers. All but a handful are complete strangers. Her poem, “Instagram Photos” was chosen for inclusion in the Montclair Write Group Sampler 2016. Her first book of poetry, See the Dragons ~ A Collection of Zen Haiku, is currently being considered for chapbook publication. Read more at The Spirit First 2016 Meditation Poetry Contest was the first poetry contest she ever entered.

Awareness ~ Zen Haiku
by E.B. Littlehill

I am awareness
Secrets of the universe
Are all inside me

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