Friday, May 02, 2008

Felicia Rose

The first time I heard her sing, I cried. I sat on the floor in the quiet of my living room, a single candle burning next to me, and I listened to her music as tears ran down my face. The sound of her voice was a sweet fragrance that slowly filled the room and broke my heart.

She is the sound of the earth. I have heard her voice compared to the voice of Sarah McLachlan but far more, she is to be compared to the sound of the earth. She is the sound of a dune that rises and shapes itself in the desert, the sound of an open field that blossoms under spring sun, the sound of moonlight that falls on a wooded path that drinks her in.

Her name is Felicia Rose, and I cried again when I learned she will come to us and sing on July 19.

You can hear Felicia Rose and buy her music on I-tunes or on her website at And, of course, you can hear her at the launching of Spirit First this summer.

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