Friday, February 06, 2009

In the beginning I had no idea what Spirit First would become. It started as simply a feeling, a feeling and a name, so I called it by its name: Spirit First. It wasn't until at least two years later on a Saturday morning in March that I imagined a vision of a meditation retreat center with quiet walking trails, fragrant gardens, outdoor labyrinths, and sanctuaries of every major discipline, and in that moment I knew it would carry the name Spirit First. Still, though, I did not know what I would be able to accomplish or what might unfold, and I did not know what Spirit First would become.

Last year when I commited to this vision and officially organized a new nonprofit, I still wasn't sure what Spirit First would become. Even if I thought I knew what she would become, I had no idea what all it would be that I needed to do. However, I always knew what the next step needed to be, and somehow knowing one next step was enough. Each step I took always led me to knowing the next step (it might be nice to know the end at the beginning, but some journeys just don't work that way!).

I still don't know for sure what Spirit First will become, but I love what she is becoming already . Much has been stirring, and during the next several days I will announce some of what is happening in the coming weeks.

In these busy days of planning, I find myself practicing the words of Francis of Assisi...

Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~ Francis of Assisi

photography by permission

madalina diaconu


Kim Williams said...

we begin by beginning and then do what comes next...

i am enjoying the opening of this bud known as Spirit First.


George said...

Hi Diana,
Your new space "Spirit First" sounds wonderful. Ever since I came across your blog over a year ago I have felt resonated with your spirit and inspired by it. I have been living with a feeling for some time to create something similar. I am coming closer to starting the process. I like your quote from Francis Assisi. If i need ideas or inspiration I will call on you.
Warm wishes
George Kunnath

diana christine said...

Kim ~ the spirit of you has always been a beautiful support for me. Thank you for always being here (even when the room is quiet...). Diana

diana christine said...

George ~ your presence is a gift, and has been from the beginning. I wish you many blessings in your creating. Please keep me posted on what you are doing! Warm wishes in return. Diana

George said...

Here is my new poem I want to share with you . You may like to use it. There was a picture to go with it. I can't upload it here . is there any other way I can send it?

The sun rises every morning
At the appointed time
It happens every morning
Even when no one sees the rising
It is a spectacular happening
Day after day a beautiful event
I was there one morning
Watching the beauty of the moment
At the crack of the dawn
In the twilight zone
Feeling the chill in my bone
From the whirling wind of the dawn
The crimson carpet laid wide
Across the eastern spread
Welcoming the royal triumph
Crowing the mountain range
The golden eye peeking through
The crack in the mountain stretch
Rising from the darkened depth
The golden ball floating on the vast expanse
The lone bird’s distant call
Announcing the great event
With a clarion call
The whistle of the passing wind
The chirping of many a bird
Chiming with the surround
Staging the orchestra profound
As I watched the golden globe
With wonder and baited breath
It transformed into rings of colors
Like the chameleon changing colors
The dancing of colors led me forward
As I continued walking ahead
Guiding me with a leading light
Along the damp dusty path
Moist from the winter night
George Kunnath

diana christine said...

George ~ thank you for sharing the gift of your beautiful poem. You can write/send the picture to me at (however, Spirit First only uses images with permission of the artist or photographer). Thank you so much...Diana