Monday, February 08, 2010

today, snow is my medicine

When the wind blows, that is my medicine.
When it rains, that is my medicine.
When it hails, that is my medicine.
When it becomes clear after the storm, that is my medicine.
        ~by Wolf Collar, Native American Shaman & Medicine Man (1870)
photography by permission

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Sherry said...

I enjoyed this post. As we see everthing as our medicine it is easier to leave judgement behind... all is well. When we can see everything that enters our lives not as negative or postitive but as an answer to a prayer we are closer to finding our natural state of bliss. Thank you for this simple reminder. I’ve been sharing the spiritual tools I’ve learned on my blog. I just wrote a post on my blog called “Hearing God.” I’d love your feedback. Blessings, Sherry
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