Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what feeds my soul

           ~by Sylvia Levinson 

Yesterday it was the little red-headed bird
that lit on my balcony and poked its beak
among the sweet alyssum.

Last week, the December rainstorm,
water curtain spilling
from the leaf-filled eaves.

Last month, the bowed head of a classical guitarist
suspended over his instrument,
waiting as the final note disappeared.

It’s always something.
Every day there is something.

What “something” takes you out of the routine
and mundane and feeds your soul?

used by permission from Levinson's book Gateways: Poems of Nature, Meditation and Renewal, A Self-Guided Book of Discovery


mermaid said...

Sunrises and sunsets.
The way the world looks the day after it rains.
A tingling in my chest when I release self-agression.

diana christine said...

Mermaid, thank you for sharing! What feeds my soul? The deer in the backyard, a Rumi poem, music by Devi Premal or Snatum Kaur, the softness of my own breath, a moment of silence.

ashley :) said...

what feeds my soul? A sandwich.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Beautiful! Yes, the redheaded bird does it every time.