Wednesday, May 01, 2013

First-Place Winner, Poetry Contest 2013

Levi Andrew Noe is awarded first place for his poem "To Light the Way." Levi Andrew Noe hails from Denver, Colorado. He is a writer, a teacher, a yoga practitioner and instructor, a maker of botanical products, a world traveler, and a seeker of realness in all its forms. Levi is in the process of self-publishing his first book, a children's picture book titled One Day as a Raven (read more about his book here).

If Levi were trapped on a desert island and could have only one book to read, he would have a very hard time deciding between a collection of poetry from either Rumi or Hafiz.

To Light the Way
            by Levi Noe
I imagine a time
when the spark
you truly are
finally catches fire
through all the damp and mildew
and sets your dead-wood self
I am supposing you will say
something like “yeeouch!”
and possibly you may
be desperate enough
to stop, drop, and roll,
or run for the nearest
body of water.
But then
after several minutes
of mortified lunacy
you will find yourself
covered in dirt
dripping wet
laughing hysterically,
not caring how insane
the crowds gathering around
might think you are,
not worrying
whether or not
someone has called the police.
I imagine you will stop laughing then
and begin to weep
for all the illusions
of skin
and bone
and sinew
and thought
that now blow somewhere
across the midwest as fertile ash.
All of that illusion
that you once identified with,
and claimed as yourself
gone, gone, gone.
And once the madness
and mourning pass
I suppose you will float away
or choose to stay here as a naked,
penniless, homeless wanderer
with no aim, no fear, and no motive
but to love and to burn like a candle
to light the way.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Well, I just sobbed my way through that one! Unable to read any others without commenting on this one. Been there, done that! Now, laughing and sobbing and acting like a crazy person, yet again.

Thank you, Levi. And Spirit First.


diana christine said...

From Spirit First to Movingclouds, you are most, most welcome.