Saturday, November 24, 2007

message in the music

I imagine a place of sanctuary where a Buddhist monk tends a garden that a Sufi walks through. I see a Hindu teacher presenting yoga to a class of Jewish students. I dream of mountain trails with Muslim and Christian women walking together under a shared canopy of trees. I anticipate a protestant and a Catholic drinking from the same fountain. I imagine an atheist friend feeling at home among the nuns and monks and those who meditate or pray. Ours is a place of beauty, of quiet, of peace, with contemplatives from every discipline, every faith, sharing the land.

Josh Groban has just released his holiday CD Noel and his beautiful brand-new song Thankful (written by Josh Groban). Quietly contained in the lyrics is a message that symbolizes what Spirit First knows and seeks to achieve:

Even with our differences, there is a place we're all connected. Each of us can find each other's light....

I love that Josh expressed it for me (in his exquisite baritone voice). Each of us can find each other's light.... Let us begin to see the light in each other. Let us help pave the way at Spirit First.

photography by permission

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