Monday, November 26, 2007


such a fuss is made
of tolerance
how it's the way
we all should be

but tolerance itself
implies opposition
and making do with how another is
when what we'd really like
is to make him more of the same
of what we are

no, tolerance is not the way to be
but instead
sits in the shadow of something greater
of acceptance and surrender
to the differences we find

but think a bit on acceptance
and you will discover
yet a better way to be
and that of understanding,
not just accepting,
but understanding
the differences we find

leaves no room for reasoning
goes beyond thinking
or of might

understanding puts one
into the space of another
with recognition of one's self

in understanding
and seeing himself in another
his seeing
becomes knowing
and in knowing
he is becoming
two are now one

~ by Diana Christine

art by permission


Anonymous said...

Tolerance is, at least, a start for many but what they don't understand is that Tolerance is patronising and demeaning to the subject in question.
Acceptance is harder: Acceptance requires rejection of preconceived ideas and rejection of any importance attached to differences.
"God be in my head and in my Understanding."

diana christine said...

Anonymous ~ yes! And when we go deeper we realize the difference is only in our perception....