Wednesday, March 05, 2008

moments of peace

Some have asked me how do I bring quiet, stillness, calm into my world. How does one find sanctuary in a noisy, demanding life?

Sometimes peace comes in a moment, in the quiet flutter of a bird taking flight just as I step out of my home and walk toward my car, and I pause for a moment and watch. I smile; I sigh; I breathe deeply and continue on my way. Sometimes stillness comes in the glimpse of a full moon on a cold, starless the smell of a soft the pure tone of a solitary chime. If we are attentive to these single moments, more moments come to us and life turns toward peace.

Today I found such a moment in a bath. I could have said there was no time for a bath, that a quick shower was far more sensible, but setting aside time for peace is part of our work. The waters were hot and as I stepped into them I was filled with the scent of the oils poured into them, lavender oils. A profound fragrance is a moment of peace, don't you think? I settled into the waters and I was in sanctuary. A single candle burned nearby, and the sound of an Indian flute along with the sound of piano and birds softly surrounded me. My head rested on a thick rolled towel and I did nothing but breathe. The world around me was peaceful and I became quieted on the inside. I meditated. I drifted between this world and that one. The time came to get out of the tub, put on my clothes, and go back to class, and though I had to leave my sanctuary, I carried my peace with me.

This day I wish for you more ways to touch peace in your own life.
art by permission


Katie McKenna said...

I find peace in a fresh breath, watching the sun rise and fall, clouds play across the sky.. to soak in and savor.

diana christine said...

Dear Katie ~ your places of peace are not only beautiful, they are profound. A gift of peace is available to us in every deep breath. The sunrise, the sunset, clouds playing across the have reminded us of peace that surrounds us.

mermaid said...

Today I found peace in my daughter crying and laughing and sliding and sitting and illness. Who would have thought my mindful parenting practice would have brought me here.