Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Third-Place Winner--Pat Wadsorth

Our 2017 Third-Place Winner is Pat Wadsorth for her poem "If."

Pat Wadsworth has been writing poems and stories, and keeping journals, since she learned to read and write. Writing about the joy, sorrow, beauty, and wonder of life is her way of staying balanced in good times and sane in bad ones. After retiring from a twenty-four year career working with high-risk youth and their families, Pat enrolled in writing classes at her local community college. Encouraged by teachers, friends, and family members to submit her work for publication, she took the plunge. Her poetry has appeared in Mind Magazine, The Voices Project, The Blue Heron Review, and Sliver of Stone.

by Pat Wadsworth

if we look closely
into each other’s eyes
we will see tiny magic mirrors

if we listen closely to other voices
with open hearts
we will hear echoes

and, if we reach out
with loving hands
we will touch ourselves

with holiness

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