Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the beginning of a dream

An idea is a being, breathing and struggling for life, as real as anything you would call “real.” Ideas are gifts from God, precious treasures from the Universe, and must be treated with our greatest honor. Ideas are light, and beauty, and truth. Treat your ideas with your tenderest care. Be attentive. Be gentle. Listen deeply.

I would like to share with you my idea that has become the dream I hold with longing in my heart. I shall write of my dream in these pages and give record to its unfolding. You, in the reading, are made witness to that which I dream.

Dreaming is not for the weak or the faint of heart. Dreams call for valor and beg for bravery, and I am now called to my greatest courage to step into these great waters. I dare to dream but do so with honor for so lovely a vision, with gratitude for so wondrous an idea.

I dare not only to dream but to begin the work of bringing the dream to completion. How scary it is to begin a thing without knowing what my capability might be to bring it to pass. But never you mind...my work is to do the work, and it is the work of the Universe to bring it to harvest. It is possible the gift is in the working, not in the having.

While I have images of how I see my dream unfolding, I am not married to an outcome (I will remain open to what will be). I am, however, committed to the integrity of the work. I will not usually know all that I must do on the path to fruition; in fact, I will not likely ever know all that I will have to do to achieve my purpose, but I will always know the next thing I must do. Like driving on a dark, foggy night, I will follow those steps I can see, and when I do, the next steps will appear. One can never complain of lack of direction as long as there remains one more known step that has not yet been taken.

I have dared to dream the dream of creating the sanctuary of Spirit First, and I will share with you every step of this journey.


Poison said...

i am going to keep a watch on this space. i am jaded, but my attention was complete when i read this. may i link spirit first in my blog?

diana christine said...

Poison ~ thank you for being here, for your presence, for your interest in what I seek to create. I am honored to have you link Spirit First to your blog. And I am grateful.