Monday, October 08, 2007


Welcome to Spirit First...a holy, a gentle, a quiet place. A place for contemplation. A place for acceptance. A place for peace. A place of love.

Spirit First is inclusive and provides a home or retreat for those who seek meditation and contemplation regardless of chosen discipline or faith. If you are Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, or Christian...if you are Sufi, Native American, Taoist, something else or nothing else, you are welcome to this place of quiet and study. At Spirit First we practice going within, and we support each other in our efforts to do so.

Within our various disciplines, at Spirit First we honor not only common ground (how usual is it for one to celebrate that which he sees as being like his own self?), but we also honor and celebrate our differences, for every part of every one of us is necessary for the whole.

We work together to deepen our mindfulness, explore our meditations, strengthen our principles and practices, and become more of our authentic selves. May we, as we put Spirit First, open up more deeply to the truth of who we are and discover ourselves in the silence within.


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Ashok ~ I am honored by your presence and grateful for your blessing. Thank you....