Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Starting something new is scary, taking me out of the safety of my familiar, my confirmed. What if I can’t do this? What if I can’t finish it? Even worse, what if I’m not supposed to be doing this?

I remember the day I first envisioned Spirit First. It was a crisp Saturday afternoon in the month of March. I saw a picture of a labyrinth and in an instant I imagined an entire meditation center holding that labyrinth. I saw gardens and fountains and sanctuary where people from every discipline and every faith gather in peace. I saw a place of quiet, a place of healing, and it called to me, begged me to breathe life into it.

On that same day a quotation fell across my desk, one I had never seen before, and it was written like this: “Never doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light.”

Those words became a prompt for me, a reminder in the face of uncertainties that on the other side of doubt my vision remains in brilliant light.

I must admit I have had moments of doubt, whole moments strung together that turned into weeks, but I kept coming back to my vision (or my vision kept coming back to me). I wasn’t sure I can create something so beautiful and build something so big, but I have come to realize that my work is in doing everything possible to make the dream come true, not in worrying about if or how it will work out.

And now, I give Spirit First my best effort. So beautiful a vision as this makes me want to be brave.

photography by permission
cindy lee jones


cindy lee said...

I'm so delighted with what you are doing here Diana, thank you for letting my creations be a part of it.
Peace & Love to you Dear One.

diana christine said...

Dear Cindy Lee ~ early in the book called Eat Pray Love, the author was prompted by her best friend to write a petition to God and sign it. She then was asked "Who else would sign it?" and the two of them began to call out names of those who would be in her support. When I received your comment, I felt as though I could speak to the Universe and say, "Look...Cindy Lee is in agreement with this, too! She believes in the work of Spirit First and the building of the meditation retreat center...!"

I feel encouraged, and supported, by your participation and your comment. Thank you for being the very first. Thank you, too, for your beautiful work that graces this site. You are a gift to the rest of us and I am honored by your presence.

God bless.

Diana Christine