Monday, October 15, 2007


Sometimes messages come to us from the most unexpected places. I recently saw a magical children’s movie called “Return to the Secret Garden,” and as the story goes, a young girl was unable to get into the special garden because another child had thrown her key into a lake. She was unable, that is, until someone suggested to her the key was not necessary, that she needed “only to open her heart.” As I watched the film, something stirred within me and I realized there was a message here for me. I pondered the message and asked myself, “What have I been thinking is the “key” to creating Spirit First?” That was easy—money, I have believed money is the key (and, perhaps, the obstacle). Now, though, the message was coming to me that money (the key) is not needed, but that I simply need to open my heart. (Not that money is not needed, but that it is not to be worried about. When the girl opened her heart, the key appeared back in the lock and the gates opened for her.)

Several days later I was talking with one of my friends, explaining to her the message I felt from the movie just as I have written it for you here, and her response became another message for me. “Just look at your name,” she said. “The key was written in the name of your organization, ‘spirit…first.’ You don’t create the meditation center, or even the organization, until you first create its spirit.” Oh, my goodness, how could I not have seen what was now so clear?

The key is an open heart, and in that heart the spirit of a thing is created, and so it shall come to pass. We take an idea, nourish it and nurture it, and create its spirit (this, the gestation period). Once the spirit of a thing is created, we then bring it to its birth. The key for all of this is the opening of my heart, opening to the Universe with trust and joy and gratitude, and allowing what will be.

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